I have been an English Bridge Union teacher and Director. I was Captain of Devon and Cornwall for several years and pioneered the BBC2 television programme “Grand Slam” - England .v. America.
    I have received International recognition having recently represented Wales in the 2014 European Championships (photo below, also with my partner Liam Sheridan, and other team-mates).

    “After all, Bridge is only a game - or is it?”

    This was the first question I asked myself some 40 years ago when I first started teaching and organising bridge holidays. I decided that “after all, bridge is a game to be enjoyed, not suffered!”

    I now spend most of my time, organising and running bridge holidays mostly in England. I have an exciting House party programme that has been put together for your enjoyment, entertainment and instruction. To enable you to enjoy bridge in a relaxed friendly atmosphere, all our hotels have en-suite facilities where the standard of food is excellent. Some hotels can offer a lot of extras such as golf, swimming, bowls, tennis, walking on the moors, or sightseeing.

    So why not pamper yourself and come and see us at one of our venues. If you want any further information about any venue, please ring us - 01656750199 e-mail johnbeardholidays@btinternet.com but book early, we would hate to disappoint you by being full.